Things to do in Queenstown if you plan to stay in Stirling Road

If you’ve decided and are planning to purchase a private condo in Stirling Road, such as Stirling Residences and hope to know more about the stuffs which you can do during your free time in Queenstown, keep reading this wonderful exploration. This place is one of the oldest neighborhood community in the central part of Singapore, set with some undiscovered and beautiful places waiting for you to explore and discover. If you want to travel around by foot, while enjoying with a companion along the way, here is a list of places you may want to visit with your friends and/or loved ones.

Places of Interests

Infinity Pool Nearest to Stirling Residences:

Park Hotel Alexandra

Location: Park Hotel Alexandra

A 10 minutes’ walk from your home is the infinity pool at the Park Hotel Alexandra. Set atop the 4 Star hotel building is a place for you to relax your mind, while capturing a couple of selfies with your friends or your special ones and have a nice sunset viewing day.

Ridout Tea Garden:

Ridout Tea Garden

Location:  Queensway

One of the first Japanese-Theme Gardens in Singapore, the Ridout Tea Garden, a 5 minutes ride from Stirling Road, is a place for you to chill and have a leisure walk, set in a lush greenery ambience for relaxation and having your meals prepared in one of the most romantic McDonalds outlet in the entire island.

Alexandra Canal Linear Park:

Alexandra Canal Linear Park

Location: Beginning from Queenstown MRT Station

Talking about parks, the Alexandra Canal Linear Park will be one of the best nearby destination. A walk in the quiet route flanked by some lush scenic greenery. It is a 5 minutes’ walk away from Stirling Road that can be done at any moment of the day. If you want to enjoy a morning walk by yourself or a romantic stroll in the evening with your loved ones, this place is the best choice.

Places for food in Queenstown


Cafe Colbar

Location: 9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate 138839

Are you looking for something different from your day-to-day life? This vintage-looking café which serves up a superior western food menu could be the answer. Guaranteed in satisfying your taste buds while whipping up a good portion of comfort food in filling up your empty tummy. With just a few minutes short ride from your residence, Colbar offers you the chance to travel back in time with its atmosphere and nostalgic menu.

Mei Ling Market & Food Centre:

Mei Ling Market & Food Centre

Location: 159 Mei Chin Road

You only need to cross the street from Stirling road and you will see it nestled away among those HDB blocks. The Mei Ling Market & Food Centre will be the place for you to taste the different local delicacies at a much lower cost. Although it will take you several visits to explore and discover all the best hawker stalls in the whole building, we promise it would be well worth your time to do so.

Shopping, Shopping, and more Shopping

Queensway Shopping Centre:

Queensway Shopping Centre

Location: 1 Queensway, 149053

You can find many retail shops with XX% sale all year round here. Shoes from the best brands in the market and for less than $100.00! You will require a lot of self-discipline and restraint to just window shop and not buying anything as you walk along the corridor of this sportswear shops as their prices are crazily attractive to anyone looking to purchase anything related to sports and adventures. It takes a very short walk from Stirling Road to get to the Queensway Shopping Centre.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Location: 370 Alexandra Road, 159953

One of the best place in town for you to purchase different branded outlet clothing and accessories. From all the local big names nestled within the not-so-glamorous looking building, Anchorpoint is a hidden treasure unknown to many shoppers. They will have attractive promotional sale for almost every day of the year and they are just right behind Stirling Residences for your convenience.

If You Are Ready

You should be well-orientated on the Queenstown Stirling Road location by now and if you’re ready to commit yourself by owning a luxurious residential unit here, developed by Nanshan Group & Logan Property, please visit Stirling Residences for more buying procedures & availability.

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