The Desire for Homes with Extra Space such as Park Colonial Singapore

As a Singaporean, we’re constantly chasing after the comfortable life we yearn for every single day, with a large home to begin with but do you need more bedrooms in Singapore? Home searching will certainly bring several alternatives that you’ll have to take into consideration while choosing a condo apartment for your family. When you have the extra spare cash to splurge on repayments every month, one of the better option will probably be choosing a condo layout with an additional bedroom space, whether you pick a 2 bedroom or 3-bedroom option. However, do you really need the additional space, or could the money be better used in somewhere else? The following will be some questions in helping you out.

Are you buying Park Colonial with your partner?

Despite the nearby distance you are living apart from your partner, moving in together will provide you with significant information about each other, you will find out all the secrets and pet peeves very quickly. When people first move in with their partners, they have smaller space like a one-bedroom, some may feel cramped with stuff and very often, there isn’t anywhere to spend some private or alone time.

However, all of these will change if you’re picking up a condo at Park Colonial, located at Woodleigh Lane. A 2-bedroom apartment will be the game-changer for living with others. Buying a condo with more space than you originally wanted will be advantageous for turning the space into a larger layout that is more spacious for both of you. However, the master bedroom will serve as the main sleeping area in addition to having more bedrooms for the guests, office space or even if it means more space, so our loved ones can take a few private moments with the extra spaces provided.

Do you need extra space for guests or hosting guests?

You may need the extra space if you are hosting guests often. By doing so, you will need to budget for that before you purchase Park Colonial with 2-bedrooms or more, your guests will definitely be receiving a cosy and welcoming environment from you. Your friends and relatives will certainly be displaying a great excitement in coming over because they are assured of having their own space and bed as opposed to a spot on the floor!

Close friends may even want to stay over with you more frequently, even if it’s just for an overnight dinner party, as more extra space provides them with greater convenience. Even if you are the one who decides the space you’ll need when buying the condo, you’ll want to make sure that the space is comfortable for both you and your wife. If you’re not that tight on your bank balance, it will be beneficial in buying a unit with more extra space so there is comfort living within.

But Why Park Colonial?

Park Colonial is the latest residential development by Chip Eng Seng and their joint ventures, conveniently positioned at Woodleigh Lane, along Upper Serangoon Road. It will be priced attractively for home purchasers looking to setting up their new love nest in this new Bidadari town. There will be a myriad of 2 to 5-bedroom layouts within the entire huge development for spacious residential living. These condo projects will be the best option in helping you to maximize your space upgrading for hosting guests, needing a home office, needing more space for family and/or a living with a significant other or just needing the use of an extra functioning space. Park Colonial will be the next great destination to live with local nearby amenities and close transportation via the Woodleigh train station. Come and experience it yourself if you’re not convinced!

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