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Buy One and Earn Double with The TreVer Condo

Have you ever considered how profitable shared renting can be? There are many individuals who find their employment far from their hometown neighborhood. These working professionals desperately require a suitable accommodation that is both comfortable as well as centrally located.

But when a person has just started their new job, the individual cannot afford a very high rent to begin with. That gives you, as an owner of The TreVer condo, a brilliant opportunity in generating a significant amount of passive income through shared rentals from your precious assets.

Let us say you own one of the classic 2-bedroom unit in The TreVer housing project. If you rent out the entire apartment to a family, it should likely cover your monthly installments well because the condo unit are beautifully designed, the locale is awesome, and you can charge a higher rental.

But if you rent the two bedrooms to separate individuals or working professionals based on per pax charges, you can generate a higher return of rental yield instead of having one single family nucleus. There is a possibility that your annual income generated from this rental will be 1.5 times of what you would have earned if you had rented it out to a family here (based on data analysis record).

Within a few years of being the landlord, you will have recovered a remarkable portion of your initial investment in the residence. So, if you have some spare cash lying around, it is well worth investing in The Trever condo at Potong Pasir Avenue 1.

What will attract the working professionals to rent The TreVer?

Working professionals are usually staying away from their families. So, they tend to prefer the company of friends and co-tenants (the person who rents the other bedroom) who belong to their age group ideally. Being young, they will obviously spend a lot of their free time in Nex shopping mall, fast-food outlets, movie theaters and gym etc.

The TreVer condominium project has been designed with all these amenities for the residents. As an owner of the condo, you can get the best rental deals once the new commercial outlets are up and running in the neighborhood.

Your tenants will have access to four of the biggest malls in Singapore when they’re living in The TreVer. These include the proposed Woodleigh Mall, The Poiz Centre as well as the existing City Square and the Nex Shopping Mall. The new malls are great shopping areas that contain all the amenities that young people like. The internal feeder bus service number 142 will take them to the nearest or furthest without having to spend too much on the transportation. They don’t need to own a vehicle to move around the community due to the centralized locale it sits on.

If you’re keen to have a viewing of this property, we recommend you do it fast before anyone does!

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